Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."       
- Goethe

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Modeling for a photoshoot or singing in front of a crowd are things Sika does easily... like attracting attention.  Since the beginning of her career, this goddess of provocation has won a growing number of fans and has charmed many important names of the music industry in Europe and North America.  Her beauty and electrifying gaze are undeniable assets to her success, but it's mostly her magnificent voice that seduces. Her extravagant looks and daring attitude strike too...  If you want to take a look at her edgy style, watch the video "Love kills'',  a production worthy of the greatest pop stars of this world. 

Wearing only black and white clothes, this fashionista likes to explore the duality between darkness and light, good and evil.  Rebellious and pure at the same time, she clearly evokes that double nature. No wonder she chose Zombie boy, the famous tattooed model, to embody the epitome of rebels in her video "Badboy''.  I bet she hasn't finished surprising us yet with her original style. Welcome to the eccentric world of Sika !


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